Definition of benefit tourism in English:

benefit tourism


  • See benefit tourist

    • ‘The habitual residence test was introduced as a centrepiece for a party conference speech in order to deal with the dangers of what is described as benefit tourism.’
    • ‘I intend to monitor migration flows but, contrary to what was said regarding the accession states previously, large numbers did not migrate and I do not anticipate a scenario such as benefit tourism occurring in Ireland.’
    • ‘In parallel with these EU level negotiations, the UK government has just announced measures to discourage what some sections of the press have described as benefit tourism from current and prospective accession states.’
    • ‘The changes are directed at discouraging people from the new EU member states taking part in what is seen as benefit tourism after enlargement on May 1.’
    • ‘The Opposition said that benefit tourism was a non- problem, and that there were at most 5,000 continental claimants a year.’