Definition of beneficed in English:



  • See benefice

    • ‘There are about 10,000 beneficed clergy working whole-time for the Church, and a rather larger number unpaid, retired or working as chaplains in prisons, hospitals and so on.’
    • ‘The title ‘dean’ is also held - as ‘rural dean’ - by a beneficed clergyman in a part-time capacity.’
    • ‘Lastly, in 1571, the Settlement gained teeth sharper than the Act of Uniformity, when a Subscription Act required the beneficed clergy to assent to the Thirty-nine Articles.’
    • ‘Every noble enjoying full transmissible nobility was entitled to participate in the noble assemblies, as was every beneficed clergyman in the clerical ones.’
    • ‘Although - as a beneficed clergyman - he has the Lowick living, he lets the rectory and lives in the nearby manor-house (inherited on the death of his elder brother).’