Definition of benefactress in English:



  • A female benefactor.

    • ‘Another important ally gained at this period was Harriet Shaw Weaver, business manager and then editor of the Egoist, and a lifelong benefactress of Joyce.’
    • ‘UCMP provides access to the Papers of Annie Alexander, the benefactress of our museum, to historians and other interested parties.’
    • ‘Instead of taking the train back to Poland, however, he returns to the casino, where that night she sees him gamble the money away again, in the process insulting his benefactress.’
    • ‘There he found his benefactress, the Baronne de Warens, who gave him the education that turned him into a philosopher.’
    • ‘As a new kind of benefactress, she designs simple but elegant clothing for the working class.’
    • ‘For Symphony No 4 Tchaikovsky produced his own programme to satisfy the curiosity of his invisible benefactress, Mme von Meck.’
    • ‘St. John comes to visit her at the end of that first day, upon which occasion Jane meets the benefactress of the schoolhouse and some charitable acts of the Parish - Miss Oliver.’
    • ‘Mary's subsequent search for Michael and her development into a genuine benefactress take up most of the remainder of the novel, along with Michael's struggles within and outside of Deep Valley and his own political coming of age.’
    • ‘Born in Geneva and fleeing that city at age 16, Rousseau moved to Savoy where, under the influence of his benefactress Baronne de Warens, he transformed from an uneducated apprentice to a man of letters.’
    • ‘It is the winter of 1773 and ‘our man’ Diderot fills 66 notebooks with facts, dreams and mystifications for his illustrious benefactress.’
    • ‘Their benefactress stood before them, still twisting at her apron, and she talked.’
    • ‘A woman of intelligence and learning, she was a benefactress of the Queen's College, Oxford.’
    • ‘She believes Willoughby is engaged to Marianne, but unsure of how to tell his benefactress; he has instead followed her orders to leave.’
    • ‘Eight years of toiling for the attentions of some noble benefactress and eight years of writing stories.’
    • ‘They may never through life hear her name, but she is not the less their benefactress.’
    • ‘And yet, as Bliss notes, no one even suggested naming the medical school after its benefactress, in spite of her spectacular gift.’
    • ‘The poem is included in the testimonial letter signed ‘Allida,’ where it is described as having been received by another of Frado's white benefactresses.’
    • ‘Read about the Saurian Expedition of 1905 on which UCMP benefactress Annie Alexander collected many ichthyosaurs.’
    • ‘He tells Elinor he did and still does love Marianne, and was going to ask her to marry him, when his benefactress became informed of his behavior towards Colonel Brandon's foster daughter.’
    • ‘The program was organized in honor of a local benefactress of the arts, who was interested in harpsichord performance and gave money to other arts interests, too.’
    patron, supporter, backer, helper, sponsor, promoter, champion
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