Definition of benediction in English:



mass noun
  • 1The utterance of a blessing, especially at the end of a religious service.

    ‘he said the benediction’
    • ‘An encouraging and positive General Assembly passed into history on the Thursday evening with the singing of Psalm 122 and the apostolic benediction.’
    • ‘There was a gospel choir, a Hispanic singer of the national anthem and a rabbi offering a benediction.’
    • ‘As the convention concluded, a revivalist preacher conducted a benediction.’
    • ‘Is it really true, for instance, as the pastor has heard from a brave few, that a majority of the older parishioners would like to have noneucharistic church services conclude with Benediction?’
    • ‘After a rousing closing hymn and benediction, people were leaving with pleased looks on their faces - even though some of them were clearly thinking hard about what they had just heard and experienced.’
    • ‘It makes, however, an imposing finale, since it is on the whole cheerful in mood - in the key traditionally associated with blessing and benediction.’
    • ‘We close with a communion service; youth serve the older members the bread and wine, saying a special blessing and benediction upon their new friends.’
    • ‘Morning prayer at Iona never concludes with a benediction; evening prayer never begins with a call to worship.’
    • ‘But before I turn the service back over to our pastor for his benediction, I will have to return to the state of my mother's soul.’
    • ‘Immediately he remembered Brahma, and he prayed to him, ‘I want to use that benediction, that special benediction.’’
    • ‘He laid his own over ours in a sort of benediction, a blessing.’
    • ‘Baptisms are performed out of a horse trough, and ‘Happy Trails To You ‘constitutes the sung benediction.’’
    • ‘Three volleys would be fired by the guard, and the Last Post played, followed by a prayer, hymn, and benediction.’
    • ‘A chaplain is trying to deliver the closing benediction with confetti and late-arriving balloons still cascading down from the rafters.’
    • ‘The service concluded with a joint benediction by the pastors of the four churches and a dismissal by Deacon Carol.’
    blessing, consecration, sanctification, hallowing
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    1. 1.1Benediction (in the Roman Catholic Church) a service in which the congregation is blessed with the sacrament.
      ‘she went with Maureen to Benediction’
      • ‘In addition to these morning Masses, catechism was taught at three o'clock in the afternoon and early evening services at six-thirty featured Vespers and Benediction.’
      • ‘Mass will be celebrated daily at 3.00 p.m. (with anointing of the sick) followed by the Procession of the Blessed Sacrament and finishing with Benediction at the Apparition Chapel.’
      • ‘And then follow it up with Eucharistic adoration and benediction services in every parish.’
      • ‘The prayers will be said in the graveyard at 8 pm and benediction in the church will follow.’
      • ‘During the month of May on Sunday evenings, Adoration will finish with Rosary and Benediction at 6pm.’
      • ‘His Celtic Benediction is the most appealing but least substantial of the offices under review.’
      • ‘In recent times Adoration also takes place every Wednesday in the Parish Church from 10.30 am and concluding with Benediction at 5.45 pm.’
      • ‘Candles are used at several services in the church especially Mass and Benediction.’
      • ‘Rosary and Benediction will take place in Westport church every Sunday throughout the month of October at 6 pm.’
      • ‘Rosary and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction takes place every Sunday evening at 6.30 pm in the Church.’
      • ‘I remember seeing her praying in the back pews of our church on Sunday afternoons when I served as an acolyte at benediction.’
      • ‘The job we all loved was at Benediction, an evening service where one altar boy was in charge of the thurible.’
      • ‘There will be special devotions in St. Joseph's Church on Sunday, April 18, at 3pm with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction.’
      • ‘Another marvelous resource for newcomers is J. Philip Newell's Celtic Benediction: Morning and Night Prayer.’
      • ‘The annual May Procession was held in the Church of Our Lady Help of Christians, Swinford, on Sunday evening, May 30, at 7pm with Rosary and Benediction.’
    2. 1.2count noun A prayer asking for divine blessing.
      • ‘A lasting image occurred when he was cast in a halo of light, creating an image of Christ in benediction.’
      • ‘The focus passage closes with a brief, moving benediction.’
      • ‘They were usually made of precious metals and jewels and often the hand would be holding its middle and index finger up in a sign of benediction.’
      • ‘On both sides St. Menas is shown with his arms raised in benediction and a camel on either side of him.’
      • ‘It was somewhat with surprise that she heard the acolytes singing the benediction, and she brought her full attention back to the matter at hand.’
      • ‘Then the priest rose, spreading his arms in benediction as he looked out over his congregation.’
      • ‘In January, he delivered the benediction at the President's inauguration.’
      • ‘The error must have happened when he transcribed the benediction.’
      • ‘Raising her hands, she said a brief benediction.’
      • ‘Both have haloes, and the naked boy baby is shown with His right hand raised in benediction.’
      blessing, prayer, invocation, dedication
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    3. 1.3 The state of being blessed.
      ‘he eventually wins benediction’
      • ‘Shaken, I sought benediction in a burnt offering.’
      • ‘Ignatius, feeling his death approaching, still asked for benediction.’
      • ‘His final official engagement abroad was an audience with the Pope, at which he sought benediction for a formal conversion to Catholicism.’
      • ‘Having read the verses of blessings he sought benediction, and after reading the verses of affliction he trembled.’
      • ‘It may be offered, though it is not essential, for one's deceased relations, too, in the hope of benediction and blessings for the departed souls.’
      blessedness, beatitude, bliss, grace, favour
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Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin benedictio(n-), from benedicere ‘wish well, bless’, from bene ‘well’ + dicere ‘say’.