Definition of bendy bus in English:

bendy bus


  • A single-decker bus consisting of two rigid vehicles linked together by a flexible section.

    • ‘I just took the bendy bus on the 38 today.’
    • ‘There is no doubt that the replacement for the bendy buses will lead to a worse service for Londoners.’
    • ‘The bendy buses do cause congestion which leads to pollution.’
    • ‘Yes, we're talking the purging of bendy buses.’
    • ‘Bendy buses are totally inadequate for London roads - far too long to negotiate many of London's narrow streets safely.’
    • ‘Ah, happy days - you couldn't do that with a bendy bus.’
    • ‘My nephew said he saw a double decker bendy bus on the M62 the other week.’
    • ‘State-of-the-art bendy buses are being bumped off Southampton streets for good by troublesome speed ramps.’
    • ‘Perhaps we could have the bendy buses back or some of the many double-deckers that are half full on lesser routes.’
    • ‘Planning to replace only bendy buses won't reinstate Routemasters on their traditional routes.’
    • ‘I think I'll hop on the free bendy bus to Whitechapel instead.’
    • ‘For them the great epochal challenge facing London is bendy buses.’
    • ‘You'd never choose to view the Christmas lights down Oxford Street, for example, from a bendy bus.’
    • ‘In July, the Daily Echo told how bendy buses were being forced off certain routes through Southampton by free-standing speed humps.’
    • ‘Last week the 507 was operated by the "writhing whales of the road" - Boris's much-derided bendy buses.’
    • ‘Portsmouth have got their act together with an infrastructure that's compatible with bendy buses.’
    • ‘I am no great fan of bendy buses.’
    • ‘The rest, it seemed, would wait for the bendy bus.’
    • ‘Regular readers will recall that three bendy buses last year spontaneously combusted, provoking a temporary withdrawal of the entire fleet.’
    • ‘Transport for London have come up with what they hope will be a solution to this problem - bendy buses.’