Definition of bendlet in English:



  • A bend of half the normal width, usually borne in groups of two or three.

    • ‘The four bendlets represent the four battle honors awarded the organization in World War II.’
    • ‘The wavy bendlet denotes overseas duty and the two divisions of the shield are used to signify World Wars I and II.’
    • ‘Two silver bendlets on a red background with three swords, their tips pointing upward are hilted with gold in bends, one between the two bendlets, one at the first sinister canton of the chief, one in pile issuing from the base.’
    • ‘The Victorian novelists’ use of ‘bar sinister’ instead of the correct term bendlet sinister or baton sinister may have derived from the French term for bend sinister which is une barre.’
    • ‘Azure or blue, the colour of the fesse, is said to be in heraldry the symbol of a godly disposition, and of a heavenly mind; gules, or red, the colour of the bends or bendlets, is in heraldry the symbol of strength and courage; and argent, or silver, the metal of the plates, the symbol of innocency, and love.’
    • ‘A coat, which is fretty, is entirely covered by the interlacing bendlets and bendlets sinister, no mascles being introduced.’
    • ‘The same holds true for the bendlet and the otter and the wings of the crest and the atom and the shield itself.’
    • ‘In ancient heraldry a bendlet azure on a coat was a mark of cadency.’
    • ‘A bendlet sinister extends from the top left to the bottom right of the shield.’
    • ‘The wings are added to represent entry into combat via air, and the bendlets symbolize the unit's parachute drops into combat.’


Late 16th century: probably from the earlier heraldic term bendel ‘little bend’ ( Old French diminutive of bende ‘band’) + -et.