Definition of bend (or lean or fall) over backwards in English:

bend (or lean or fall) over backwards


  • Make every effort to achieve something, especially to be fair or helpful.

    ‘we have bent over backwards to ensure a fair trial for the defendants’
    • ‘Now they have discovered, after bending over backwards with effort and capital, the market had diminished alarmingly.’
    • ‘To be fair, my dad always bent over backwards for us to fit in, but not lose a sense of who we are.’
    • ‘It's little wonder governments are bending over backwards in a desperate attempt to create a ‘business-friendly environment’.’
    • ‘And I just want to say that I have bent over backwards to be fair to minority interests.’
    • ‘And I think this judge bent over backwards to ensure a fair trial and a verdict that would not be reversed on appeal.’
    • ‘The council should be falling over backwards to work with the Civil Service Sports Council to bring this £7 million development to York.’
    • ‘You know we bend over backwards in work to be helpful and polite to people.’
    • ‘That is what the government is demanding firefighters accept after their union has bent over backwards to seek compromise over their pay claim.’
    • ‘The military are falling over backwards to help.’
    • ‘But I draw the line at being so accommodating and respectful of the views of others that we lean over backwards so far that we fall over.’
    try, attempt, venture, undertake, aspire, aim, seek, set out
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