Definition of benchwarmer in English:



North American
  • A sports player who does not get selected to play; a substitute.

    • ‘What's more, he had done this - reducing the role of former stars while adding playing time and instilling confidence in former benchwarmers - while keeping the team cohesive, upbeat, and reading from the same playbook.’
    • ‘Compare the top quarterback in a minor football league to a benchwarmer with the Dallas Cowboys, for instance.’
    • ‘Take a pass in hopes that next season's offerings will bring a change of pace to this career benchwarmer.’
    • ‘Would it have killed Perez to spend a little bit of money to secure one or two average, reliable benchwarmers?’
    • ‘Much maligned when he was Liverpool's most expensive benchwarmer, Friedel is now much praised as Blackburn Rovers' top backstop.’
    • ‘He's been a benchwarmer, an NFL Europe experiment, an instant success, an injury waiting to happen, a free-agent prize, a near bust, a Pro Bowler and a Super Bowl champ.’
    • ‘Sports fans know how far benchwarmers will take you.’
    • ‘But if either approaches his former talent level, Offerman will become a highly paid benchwarmer.’
    • ‘On his watch, the better players reportedly grossed $1,000 per month, while benchwarmers averaged $600.’
    • ‘No player this season has gone from benchwarmer to franchise stud like Randolph.’
    • ‘Compared to growing up, Rose figured life as an NBA benchwarmer was not so bad.’