Definition of bench test in English:

bench test


  • 1A test carried out on a machine, a component, or software before it is released for use, to ensure that it works properly.

    ‘the 512 is likely to be powered by an all-new V-12, currently undergoing bench tests’
    • ‘First, some bench tests using back-projection reconstruction have demonstrated the superior consistency of this parameter to quantify impedance perturbations all over the image slice independently of its radial position.’
    • ‘The finer images also enable researchers to more accurately model and predict the behavior of materials on computers before time-consuming and expensive bench tests are conducted.’
    • ‘Each engine is assembled crankshaft to harness by an individual technician, who then bench tests it and affixes his personally signed plaque to it.’
    • ‘For instance, designers can obtain body loads to test their components at the same time analysts obtain the chassis loads they need to set up their bench tests.’
    • ‘In 1999 alone, [the company] performed more than 60 validation and bench tests on the products it reprocesses.’
    • ‘Tests EPG conducts consist of bench tests, lab tests, field tests, and large-scale, geographically distributed SOS tests.’
    • ‘Following successful bench tests, it was being track tested in its 2004 season specification at Monza in September this year.’
    • ‘Assessment of the potential role of autoCPAP therapy in the home is further complicated by differences in technical characteristics of devices from various manufacturers as recently suggested by bench tests.’
    1. 1.1 A test carried out to assess the performance of a product or device.
      ‘bench tests revealed how much has been sacrificed in performance in order to drop the price’


[with object]
  • 1Run a bench test on.

    ‘they are offering you the chance to bench-test their applications’
    • ‘Do you know if they bench tested the transmission?’
    • ‘I took the old starter to Autozone and they bench tested it.’
    1. 1.1no object, with adverbial Give particular results during a bench test.
      ‘it bench-tests two times faster than the previous version’


bench test