Definition of bemusement in English:



mass noun
  • The fact or condition of being bemused; puzzlement.

    ‘we turned to each other in utter bemusement’
    • ‘All of these things cause my brain befuddlement, bemusement and general confusion.’
    • ‘Asked to describe its colour, she replied ‘gosling green’, much to the bemusement of the locals.’
    • ‘Environmental groups and other observers were left scratching their heads in bemusement.’
    • ‘Evidence of this came two years ago when, to some bemusement, property prices began to play catch-up with less traumatised parts of the county.’
    • ‘IT is very easy to be snooty about the work of John Steinbeck who, to the bemusement of many, won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962.’
    bewilderment, confusion, puzzlement, perplexity, bafflement, befuddlement, stupefaction, mystification, incomprehension, disorientation, dumbfoundedness, astonishment
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