Definition of Belyando spew in English:

Belyando spew


mass nounAustralian
  • Any illness marked by bouts of vomiting.

    ‘there I got the dreadful rot, and Belyando spew’
    • ‘A common illness among shearers was Belyando spew.’
    • ‘Belyando spew is a shearer's illness thought to be caused by bad cooking and conditions.’
    • ‘Belyando spew was characterized by vomiting after food was taken, especially suffered by shearers because of heat, sweating, and prolonged bending.’
    • ‘Belyando spew, gastric spirochaetosis, is an affection characterized by vomiting, without nausea, occurring suddenly after meals.’
    • ‘He recalled such other pioneering difficulties as the unfamiliar disease Belyando spew.’
    • ‘I had my first experience of what was called Belyando spew—everything one ate came back again and no one seemed to know of an antidote.’
    • ‘There was another complaint of the times that went by a variety of names—including Belyando spew—and its sufferers vomited at the sight or even the thought of food.’
    • ‘Many shearers came down with the Belyando spew, a complaint named after a river in Queensland.’
    • ‘The Belyando spew is what vomiting is called and is brought on when you are in the best of health, just through a fly lodging on your lip when you are eating your dinner.’
    • ‘My complaint has culminated in what is locally known as the Belyando spew.’


Late 19th century: named after the Belyando River in central Queensland.


Belyando spew

/bɛlˌjandəʊ ˈspjuː/