Definition of belvedere in English:



  • A summer house or open-sided gallery, typically at rooftop level, commanding a fine view.

    • ‘The roof accessible to visitors becomes a public belvedere from where to enjoy views over the Elm Garden and the future River Park.’
    • ‘Positioned near the pier, it functions as a shelter and belvedere for those awaiting the ferry’
    • ‘At the apex, the belvedere foyer of the adaptable theatre circles its curve and allows views west down the water.’
    • ‘The theme of dematerialisation is reprised at the top of the block, which is crowned with a glass belvedere (for meetings-with-a-view), connected to the lower floors by a serpentine spiral staircase.’
    • ‘But Simpson's big move is to express the tower's top three floors as a separate, projecting belvedere.’
    • ‘One end of this long north-south wing terminates against the hill, the other in a belvedere overlooking the ocean.’
    • ‘At the top, a contemporary version of a belvedere frames a final breathtaking vista before visitors immerse themselves in the dense fabric and delights of the historic centre.’
    • ‘He lived with his mistress at a luxurious estate in Normandy, to which he had added a grandiose belvedere.’
    • ‘Here NGP proposes inserting what is effectively a completely new glazed building into the hole, rising on tall columns to provide an inhabited roof level with a cyclopean belvedere of a west wall.’
    • ‘Everybody else stayed on the belvedere, sipping iced drinks.’
    • ‘A long timber deck links the house with a smaller structure used as a belvedere for sitting out or quiet contemplation.’
    • ‘They have just added a £28,000 belvedere - a cross between a glass tower and a roof terrace - to make the most of the views of the marshes and beaches of the Naze peninsula.’
    • ‘The upper (more northerly) one is based on a corridor that runs at garden level, double and single sided, south-west from the entrance to a covered belvedere at the far end of the garden.’
    • ‘There is not a single beach, promontory, belvedere or ruin that does not teem with literature, from Augustus to Gorky’.’
    • ‘All that was left of the old mansion was the belvedere from which to view sunsets that Bonaparte often compared to those of Venice.’
    arbour, shady place, leafy shelter, alcove, recess, pergola, grotto, sanctuary
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Late 16th century: from Italian, literally fair sight, from bel beautiful + vedere to see.