Definition of beltman in English:



NZ, Australian
  • The member of a surf life-saving team who swims out, wearing a belt with a line attached for safety, to give assistance to bathers or surfers in difficulties.

    • ‘Each beltman is assisted by a team who man the reel and help pay the line out to the swimmer.’
    • ‘Eventually after three hours four beltmen had reached us and the rescue was completed.’
    • ‘On a pistol start the beltman jumps into the belt while the linesmen and reelman sprint to their positions feeding line out for the beltman who is racing to swim to the buoys.’
    • ‘As beltman, he swam out to rescue the 'patient'.’
    • ‘One of the team, known as the beltman, would swim out to the person in trouble, wearing a belt attached to a line which unrolled from a reel.’