Definition of beltline in English:



  • The part of a person's body or a garment around which a belt is placed; a waistline.

    ‘your tie should reach your beltline’
    • ‘Toward the end of the ninth Orozco landed a left hook to the body that seemed to connect right on the
    • ‘Tuck a pillow behind the back and just above the beltline.’
    • ‘When the shafts are parallel to your beltline on the takeaway and follow-through, the toe of the clubheads should be pointing up.’
    • ‘The better hip scabbards pull the gun into the beltline from both front and back.’
    • ‘He held a forty-one-caliber pistol at his beltline.’
    • ‘Pilates work involves engaging the muscles that encircle your torso from your lower rib cage to below your beltline (abs, lower back, hips and glutes).’
    • ‘I slide through the gravel, embedding a few pebbles in the babyfat around my beltline.’
    • ‘I will not shave below my beltline.’
    • ‘The critical pressure point is 8-9cm above the beltline and 4-5cm to the right of the spinal center.’
    • ‘The burger swelled my beltline a bit.’