Definition of belted in English:



  • 1(of a garment) secured or drawn in by a strip of leather or other material worn around the waist.

    ‘a belted black and gold dress’
    • ‘She had on a white halter top to go with her black, double-belted pleated skirt.’
    • ‘Women of nomadic tribes wore pants under one or more belted dresses of printed cotton.’
    • ‘In each case, she wears a belted black coat, and her garish spiky hair is the focal point.’
    • ‘He designed silky shirts for the men and short, brightly colored belted tunics for the women.’
    • ‘In Act I, he wore a belted, off-the-shoulder, raspberry leotard.’
    • ‘I loved all the big frosted hair, sparkly bangle bracelets, and belted satin shirts that defined the '80s.’
    • ‘I suddenly remembered something and slipped my hand into one of the pockets on my belted cargo miniskirt.’
    • ‘The Caribbean "shirt jac," a belted jacket worn with a scarf and no shirt, is popular among men in Port of Spain.’
    • ‘His stomach hooped itself up and over his belted trousers.’
    • ‘This is a belted black garment with long sleeves, worn over a plain long-sleeved shirt.’
    1. 1.1 Marked with a strip or encircling area that is different in nature or composition from its surroundings.
      ‘a belted kingfisher’
      • ‘The chestnut-belted gnateater is found in the Amazon Basin of northern Brazil.’
      • ‘This is the only belted breed of cattle tracing back directly to the original "canvassed" cattle.’
      • ‘His 35 Dutch belted cows are wintered outdoors on 265 acres of highly erodible land.’
      • ‘This is quite a new style of pansy, and the first of a new race of them with belted petals.’
      • ‘Of the three subspecies, the white-belted black-and-white ruffed lemur is found furthest to the north.’
    2. 1.2 Wearing or distinguished by a belt as a sign of rank or achievement.
      ‘a belted earl’
      • ‘As the father-in-law of a belted lord, the great financier's campaign to conquer English high society will be usefully advanced.’
      • ‘With all my black-belted judo fury, I had to restrain myself from physically harming those whispering about me.’
      • ‘She preferred that her husband should be an earl, because an earl was belted, and a duke, we surmised, was not.’
      • ‘Even white-belted judo students know how to fall without harming themselves.’
      • ‘He entered the field a simple ploughman, he strode out of it a belted knight.’