Definition of belt sander in English:

belt sander


  • A sander that uses a moving abrasive belt to smooth surfaces.

    • ‘The belt sander is designed for quickly sanding rough work on large areas, or wherever heavy-duty sanding is needed.’
    • ‘To sand the floor, you need a drum sander and possibly a belt sander which can be rented at your neighborhood Home Depot or hardware store.’
    • ‘The belt sander and fine sand paper can finish the drawer.’
    • ‘Rent a floor sander or belt sander and grind it down.’
    • ‘Plane and/or use a belt sander to remove the wood to your line.’
    • ‘If the surface isn't smooth use your planer or belt sander.’
    • ‘It could also be tidied up using a belt sander to sand down the overlaps and round all the edges.’
    • ‘My face felt as though someone had rubbed it with a belt sander.’
    • ‘Do not use a belt sander; it is designed to make things flat and that is the effect it will have on your hull.’
    • ‘I do not recommend a belt sander or sanding discs attached to a drill.’
    • ‘Fine trimming can be done with a course-tooth belt sander.’
    • ‘Indeed, the legs I had been sanding had deep swells where I had let the belt sander linger too long.’
    • ‘Use a power sander, such as the belt sander shown here, with 80-grit paper.’
    • ‘In some cases you will get a better fit if you saw close to but not on your pencil line, and then use a belt sander to sand up to your line.’
    • ‘Then use a belt sander or block plane to remove the scribe edge up to your line.’
    • ‘Use a belt sander until you have removed all traces of glue and have a smooth finish.’
    • ‘I also use a belt sander to shape fins for boards.’
    • ‘At this time, take a belt sander or sanding disc to smooth the perimeter of the stack so that all of the layers are smooth and even.’
    • ‘After the board dries, take out of the clamps and use a belt sander to smooth the top and bottom surfaces.’
    • ‘You'll need a drum sander, a belt sander or both.’