Definition of belt drive in English:

belt drive


  • A mechanism in which power is transmitted by the movement of a continuous flexible belt.

    • ‘The V4 keeps the beat through a beautifully automotive system of barrels and belt drives.’
    • ‘Of course, the experience of building the first threshing machine would have greatly shortened the time to build the second, but no doubt the use of belt drives in place of gears also contributed to the shorter period.’
    • ‘The front end of the crankshaft features a damper designed to absorb idiosyncratic vibrations and minimize the transmission of vibration to the belt drive.’
    • ‘‘All of the accessories - including the water pump-can be driven off a single AC motor, which eliminates the need for the belt drive on the front of the engine and the parasitic losses that come with it,’ says Louckes.’
    • ‘Some of them are operated by simple motor and gear arrangements; others are propelled by means of springs, guy-ropes or belt drives.’
    • ‘That belt drives another that connects up through the ceiling to the first floor above where it drives the main belt drive shaft.’
    • ‘The use of a two-speed transmission, special gearing, and belt drive enables the hand to easily open and close.’
    • ‘The new one will be pretty similar to the current one, but I am going to have hydraulically driven flails instead of the belt drive,’ he says.’
    • ‘Tractor requirements are just 19-30 horsepower to operate the PTO belt drive and transport hydraulics.’
    • ‘The feed belt drive was controlled by a lever at the top of the feed box, whose gears and universal joint guaranteed a powerful positive feed.’
    • ‘The Softail is a remake of the fifties Hardtail frames - lots of chrome, a round headlight and tall perspex windscreen - but hidden away it has the best of modern technology, with a belt drive and rear suspension.’
    • ‘The shop has all its original machinery, complete with belt drive system.’
    • ‘Spring operation also may affect belt drive performance.’
    • ‘His firm supplied ball bearings and belt drives to PSS.’
    • ‘The fuel economy savings offered by CVTs make them appealing for SUVs, but high torque is a problem for the belt drive.’


belt drive