Definition of below stairs in English:

below stairs


  • In the basement of a house as occupied by servants.

    • ‘Life below stairs is just as complicated as life above.’
    • ‘Later I realised it was because I didn't fit in; above or below stairs.’
    • ‘Servants, a new drama series set below stairs in an English country house in the 1850s, starts filming for BBC ONE’
    • ‘And this is less than half the cast, because half the action takes place below stairs, where the servants live.’
    • ‘And this collection shows them to be a fascinating glimpse of the hidden world below stairs, and class and power relationships.’
    • ‘In so doing, he heard the street gossip, upstairs as well as below stairs.’
    • ‘Servants is a bold and irreverent drama series set below stairs in a country house in 1850s England.’
    • ‘It was a serious house with a beautiful grey salon, but I was well below stairs with no carpet, just stone floors.’
    • ‘From the seven bedrooms on the first floor, to the nine reception rooms on the ground floor, to the staff quarters below stairs, the apartment is the epitome of elegance.’
    • ‘The Princess visited the stately home to open its new exhibition tracing the lives of lifestyles of former staff - and she revealed that she had spent time below stairs on childhood visits to the house.’
    • ‘She was known below stairs as ‘Lady Jane’; a social-climber whose devotion to her Duchess, and mock-Royal mannerisms, amused and disturbed her colleagues in equal measure.’
    • ‘Stately piles, where below stairs was once strictly out of bounds, are busily restoring their kitchens and servants' quarters to allow us to see how ‘ordinary’ life was lived in centuries past.’
    • ‘The exhibition explores life above and below stairs, examining the role of women as decision makers raising dynasties and workhorses in service.’
    • ‘He strode out of the room and finished dressing in the hallway before going below stairs to find the innkeeper's wife.’
    • ‘As well as in nurseries, it is likely that Black Beauty was distributed lavishly below stairs - as were tracts and ‘improving’ moral tales designed to reconcile Victorian servants to their lot.’
    • ‘As if waiting for them to say something, there was a blast from below stairs.’
    • ‘It's a fascinating story of life below stairs at Buckingham Palace.’
    • ‘Historically, the right harboured desires to keep the white working class below stairs.’
    • ‘With an obedient nod, she turned for the door that led to the servants' quarters, below stairs.’
    • ‘After a protest he was later moved to a sweeter smelling room, although still below stairs.’


below stairs

/bɪˈləʊ ˌstɛːz/