Definition of below decks in English:

below decks

(also below deck)

adverb & adjective

  • In or into the space below the main deck of a ship.

    [as adjective] ‘the sleeping quarters were below decks’
    [as adverb] ‘nuclear weapons stored below decks’

plural noun

  • The space below the main deck of a ship.

    ‘her belowdecks were crammed with electronics’
    • ‘The Corsair Lord snorts, the puff of air fading into the darkness of the belowdecks.’
    • ‘He saw three of his crewmen at the entrance to the belowdecks, huddled together.’
    • ‘The Captain is always willing to instruct Beany and Cecil on their latest assignment, but refuses to put himself in any personal jeopardy, locking himself in the belowdecks for most of the episodes.’
    • ‘The belowdecks of a boat is such a confined space, though, that in the quiet of a harbor, every sound you make is shared by all.’
    • ‘This boat was beautifully built with rugged fittings and hardware, wood trim throughout the belowdecks and storage capacity to die for.’


below decks

/bɪˌləʊ ˈdɛks/