Definition of beloved in English:



  • 1Dearly loved.

    ‘his beloved son’
    • ‘This is a rewarding and a relaxing album, that gives a fresh tone to well known and beloved works.’
    • ‘Timpson said he wanted to retire back to his beloved Norfolk to write about the county and Country he loved so much.’
    • ‘Thousands of supporters are waiting to see if their beloved team can beat United for the second time this season.’
    • ‘He denied that he was in any pain or that there was anything wrong with his children or beloved grandchildren.’
    • ‘Instead she and her family spent the day quietly, remembering her beloved son, Daniel.’
    • ‘He enjoyed the farming way of life with his beloved wife Miriam and their four sons.’
    • ‘At the time, Rosen says he could not possibly have thought that anything was worse than losing his beloved son.’
    • ‘Eleven days later we received concrete hints about the whereabouts of our beloved dog.’
    • ‘Michael's beloved bike is blue at the front and silver at the back, with red writing across.’
    • ‘Not only is there the worry about how their beloved offspring will cope away from home, but there can also be a huge sense of loss.’
    • ‘Admire the two very belated Birthday cards and the pictures of my dearly beloved and much missed Labrador dog!’
    • ‘He returns home to find out that his beloved daughter wants to go to boarding school.’
    • ‘My only regret is leaving my beloved wife and my son unprotected in the midst of the wretched strife that ails our realm.’
    • ‘Tulips are irrepressibly cheerful flowers, and beloved symbols of spring and renewal.’
    • ‘Ties are broken with beloved grandparents and aunts and uncles on one side of the family.’
    • ‘On her return to Kerry, she decided to set up a charity in honour of her beloved son, Billy.’
    • ‘She could not bear to think that her beloved son might suffer dreadfully just because she was not able to stop smoking.’
    • ‘As in any beloved regional recipe, the ingredients vary from cook to cook.’
    • ‘The largest crowd ever seen attended to pay a sorrowful farewell to beloved Edel.’
    • ‘It is an honor to have my father's name attached to such a crucial and beloved institution.’
    darling, dear, dearest, precious, adored, loved, much loved, favourite, cherished, treasured, prized, esteemed, worshipped, idolized, lionized
    loved, liked, highly regarded, adored, admired, esteemed, valued, prized, revered, venerated, exalted
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    1. 1.1beloved by/of Very popular with (a specified set of people)
      ‘the stark council estates beloved of town planners in the 1960s’
      • ‘Antik Batik, the French label beloved of the fashion cognoscenti, constantly produces fabulous flowing robes in dazzling colours.’
      • ‘Many are being converted into offices and workshops for small or medium-sized enterprises so beloved of this government, and it's predecessors.’
      • ‘Toast with toppings became very popular as ‘savoury toast’, beloved of the Victorians and Edwardians.’
      • ‘From the outset, we get the kind of writing beloved of a certain kind of creative writing teacher: the kind you can pluck out and quote admiringly.’
      • ‘Ike entered office as a military hero, beloved by many Americans.’
      • ‘Though Yun and Yu have passed away, their works in music and literature are beloved by many people not only in Korea, but also throughout the world.’
      • ‘They wanted to put aside one of the most beloved of British traditions for one day to show respect.’
      • ‘Walking into its corridors, between the towering whiteness, has the effect, so beloved of the Romantics, of making you feel microcosmic.’
      • ‘Fitzgerald is perhaps the most beloved of the celebrated early - 20 th-century literary boozehounds.’
      • ‘He was a man of independent thought who formed his own opinions and was not a man to be swayed by the suave takers so beloved of some television shows.’
      • ‘Forte is a very popular figure in city government, seemingly beloved by every local politician in sight.’
      • ‘She was much beloved of many here, although unionists had many problems with her irreverence and perceived sympathy for Irish nationalism.’
      • ‘Young and old, British and foreign, - all were anxious to say goodbye to the lady who was perhaps the most beloved of all the royals.’
      • ‘It is one of those what if questions so beloved of producers of popular history series for prime-time TV.’
      • ‘In 1995, it cost £1 to sequence the DNA of Caenorhabditis elegans, a worm beloved of molecular biologists.’
      • ‘It is in America that the gridiron streetplan beloved of countless utopians has had its most rampant expression.’
      • ‘Across Ireland, those searching for a pint in the quaint Irish bars beloved of the tourist brochures are having to look harder and harder for the genuine article.’
      • ‘He was beloved by the Palestinians, all flaws included, because he created their identity and nationality out of what had previously been simply a horde of unwanted refugees.’
      • ‘With their high standards and empathetic members, the unit was beloved by the populace of the Republic.’
      • ‘Whether the whole world accepts or rejects Apple Daily's conduct on moral and ethical grounds, that newspaper is certainly beloved by its many readers.’


  • A much loved person.

    ‘he watched his beloved from afar’
    • ‘After three long years had passed Alban finally decided he would go himself and learn the fate of his beloved.’
    • ‘She sang about a Mongolian girl who is deeply in love and can see her beloved wherever she goes.’
    • ‘He was angry that this random demon was trying to get in the way of him and his beloved.’
    • ‘He was going to be trapped in his prison for the rest of eternity, and would never see his beloved again.’
    • ‘He was just waiting for that wonderful chance to go over to England and claim his beloved.’
    • ‘Krista sat in the front and Emid held the rains in one hand and his beloved firmly in the other.’
    • ‘My dearly beloved has always driven whatever car he craved at the time.’
    • ‘My beloved can have a strange and rather robust sense of fun sometimes.’
    • ‘Just this last class and he was free to go for the day, free to go home to his beloved.’
    • ‘Yes, thought Alicia, glancing at her twin and his beloved, America would be good for them.’
    • ‘The beloved will never grow tired and grumpy, unresponsive and older, but will always be perfect.’
    • ‘Lying in his arms lifeless is his beloved, his very own, no longer a part of the living world.’
    • ‘In the process, she lost her beloved as well as her freedom, and embraced Buddhism.’
    • ‘The one time we did go away, we went to a small town in the nearby county of Suffolk, to visit my beloved's family.’
    • ‘Every Saturday, Zhu would pick up his beloved at the drill base and accompany her home.’
    • ‘I stood in the middle of the reception hall, and, wrapped up by my beloved, I sobbed.’
    • ‘Brass candle stands can be perfect if you were to feast your beloved with a candle light dinner.’
    • ‘She sat with his head cradled in her lap and admired the perfect features of her beloved.’
    • ‘I sat at my desk, head pounding and nose running, until I knew my beloved was on his way back from his meeting.’
    • ‘When you are in love but still single, some effort has to be made to create an impression on your beloved.’
    sweetheart, loved one, love, true love, lady love, darling, dearest, dear one, lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, young lady, young man, woman friend, lady friend, man friend, beau, admirer, worshipper, inamorata, inamorato
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Late Middle English: past participle of obsolete belove ‘be pleasing’, later ‘love’.