Definition of bellyflop in English:



  • A dive into water, landing flat on one's front.

    • ‘I watched as Damian fell off his board for the umpteenth time, laughing along with Shawdi at his spectacular bellyflop.’
    • ‘Or they make up their own dives on the spot, sometimes while in midair -- improvisation that frequently leads to the kind of painful bellyflop that causes spectators to groan with a combination of sympathy and mirth’
    • ‘He teetered, lost his balance and fell off, making a tremendous splash as he hit the water with an inelegant bellyflop and an angry shout.’
    • ‘Alex is going in feet-first, Paddington is doing a bomb, and Felicity looks like she's about to do the most painful bellyflop ever.’
    • ‘The sight so startled him that he finally lost control, doing a painful bellyflop that threw up a cascade of water.’
    failure, disaster, debacle, catastrophe, loser
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[NO OBJECT]informal
  • 1Perform a bellyflop.

    ‘he bellyflopped into the water’
    • ‘Suddenly, without warning, she bellyflopped, unceremoniously, into the wooden planter.’
    • ‘She bellyflopped onto her bed and opened her purple laptop.’
    • ‘Taking a running start, we bellyflopped onto the sled and went down head first, hopefully catching a few dips and flying over them, becoming temporarily airborne.’
    • ‘The two men bellyflop each other for a bit until Haystacks falls through the ropes on to a nice ringside flower arrangement and is counted out. ‘Easy!’
    • ‘She bellyflopped flat down onto the pavement.’
    be unsuccessful, fail, not work, fall flat, founder, misfire, backfire, be a disappointment, do badly, lose money, be a disaster, meet with disaster, come to grief, miss the mark, run aground
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    1. 1.1 (of an aircraft) perform an emergency landing without lowering the undercarriage.
      ‘the plane bellyflopped in a cornfield’
      • ‘As the plane approached the water, the right wing dramatically dropped but this appeared to be mostly corrected when it looked like the airliner stalled and literally bellyflopped into the water with a huge splash.’
      • ‘“Ditching” was a procedure wherein the disabled aircraft “bellyflopped” on the ocean surface.’