Definition of bellyband in English:



  • 1A band placed around the belly, especially one used to harness a horse to the shafts of a cart.

    • ‘When the child’s umbilical cord drops off onto the bellyband, the mother has to watch this so when the cord falls off it can be saved, dried and put away in a safe place.’
    • ‘There is no medical reason to use tape or a bellyband, but one must decide if you can withstand the family pressure.’
    • ‘A broad leather bellyband prevented the cart from tipping backwards.’
    • ‘The martingale is that piece of leather going from the chinstrap of the bridle to either the chest strap or the bellyband.’
    • ‘As soon as he had finished eating, he told me to go out and get the bellyband off the harness.’
    • ‘Bellybands, tape and bindings are not advisable or helpful even if there is some pouching out of the navel.’
  • 2A band wrapped around an item of merchandise, especially a book or magazine.