Definition of belly wool in English:

belly wool


mass nounNZ, Australian
  • Short, inferior-grade wool from a sheep's belly, shorn separately from the main fleece.

    ‘this bucket will also contain the belly wool that the shearer will toss to the side’
    • ‘The shearer takes off the belly wool, then that gets folded back into the fleece, and then you roll up both sides almost like a cotton wool bud.’
    • ‘The lesser-quality belly wool and pieces go into a vintage wooden press, the luxurious fleeces into a more hi-tech version.’
    • ‘Belly wool is usually lower yielding and may be either finer or coarser than the bulk of the fleece.’
    • ‘I am sending you samples taken from the center of the sheep just below the brisket and ask the question, what is the matter with belly wool?’
    • ‘The quality of the belly wool indicated by the enclosed sample is superior to that of many Rambouillet flocks in Western states’
    • ‘The belly wool should be packaged separately from the fleece wool.’
    • ‘Belly wool is a bulky wool, heavy in condition, and usually very burry.’
    • ‘A sheep was shorn, belly first, and the belly wool laid aside.’
    • ‘Some manufacturers of worsteds do not use belly wool at all.’
    • ‘Skirting is the practice of separating all inferior fleece portions (such as belly wool) and any urine- and feces-contaminated fibres from the rest of the fleeces at shearing.’