Definition of belly landing in English:

belly landing


  • A crash-landing of an aircraft on the underside of the fuselage, without lowering the undercarriage.

    • ‘The pilot executed a safe belly landing and the aircraft was simply abandoned - remaining in a remarkable state of preservation until salvaged by the Russians.’
    • ‘Main landing gear problems forced a military jet there to make an emergency belly landing.’
    • ‘Training accidents began to take their toll although pilots that had to make belly landings after engine failure were often amazed by the strength of Republic's fighter as it plowed through stone walls, trees and hedgerows with aplomb.’
    • ‘This would result in belly landings if all gear legs were jammed in the up position or, if one or two gear legs came down and the others did not, the pilot would simply jettison the car doors and take to his parachute.’
    • ‘McGoldrick guided the stricken Warhawk into a successful belly landing but the fighter hit a land mine and the commander was killed.’
    • ‘Recovered after being submersed in the salt water for a number of days, the plane was completely rebuilt once again but an unfortunate gear problem on 24 September 2003 resulted in a very skilled belly landing being carried out by Snodgrass.’
    • ‘German troops were astounded when a Boeing B - 17F named Mischief Maker II came silently gliding out of a snow storm and executed a perfect belly landing in a Belgium farm field.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the belly landing went a bit more smoothly and Walsh clambered over the side of the sinking Corsair to be rescued by a small boat and returned to base.’
    • ‘In September 2000, the aircraft was involved in a belly landing following engine failure.’
    • ‘The Corsair began descending in an attempt to make a belly landing in a field.’
    • ‘Due to the nature of the terrain, combat damaged aircraft or P - 40s that had engine trouble and had nowhere to go but down, usually could pull off successful belly landings.’
    • ‘Finding that he could not make it back to base, O'Neill selected a flat spot of desert and made a belly landing.’
    • ‘The aircraft, N940AK, had been badly damaged in a belly landing on 5 November 1995 in New York and to date the company has received the wings for the plane.’
    • ‘Then went up and circled the apartment, retracted it's landing gear and finally made a successful belly landing.’
    • ‘Also, belly landings usually destroy the trunk which is built in three sections.’
    • ‘Among these problems was an embarrassing belly landing when the pilots simply forgot to lower the landing gear!’