Definition of belletristic in English:



  • See belles-lettres

    • ‘The chapter explores the conflicts and limits of the clash of civic, abolitionist, and belletristic rhetorical traditions evidenced by her diaries and teaching journals.’
    • ‘If the old World's Classics had any introductions at all (most didn't) they were short belletristic effusions by writers such as Virginia Woolf or G. K. Chesterton.’
    • ‘The interest of the time was not in belletristic fiction but in the free-flowing, highly intellectual critical essay, with its elements of autobiography and historical skepticism and its pointed illuminating aphorisms.’
    • ‘The belletristic choices were at their behest, not mine, but I agreed to readings that I thought I could work with.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, descriptions in this volume, as in the entire work, have a belletristic character and lack scientific documentation.’