Definition of belletrist in English:



  • See belles-lettres

    • ‘Depending on his audience, he will cast himself as a Muslim, a nationalist, a political theorist, or a belletrist, but he is always confidently, unapologetically tribal.’
    • ‘Wake up, online belletrists everywhere - the Golden Age is already here, and flames are the proof.’
    • ‘By that time, at the age of thirty-seven, he'd already achieved the status of Russia's leading young belletrist, his volumes of short stories published, praised and wreathed with awards, his career as a dramatist evolving.’
    • ‘He shone as a belletrist whose engaging and accessible prose is always fun to read.’
    • ‘It certainly wouldn't fit next to the writings of belletrist genres that resemble intellectual Rubik's cubes, nor is it pulp fiction or easy literature that carries the reader away from daily humdrum.’