Definition of bell the cat in English:

bell the cat


  • Take the danger of a shared enterprise upon oneself.

    • ‘No community is likely to bell the cat by making gratuitous concessions on this issue.’
    • ‘The real challenge is deciding whose job it is to bell the cat.’
    • ‘Though the industry had been deliberating at length over the crisis for long, they failed to evolve a consensus and ultimately the exhibitors had to step in to bell the cat.’
    • ‘I think the idea of approaching him one on one is good in terms of it being less likely to arouse defensiveness, although that makes one of you guys the person who has to bell the cat.’
    • ‘Politicians should be brave enough to bell the cat and join forces to tackle the national task.’
    • ‘But then someone has to bell the cat and the Metro Rail has to become a reality.’
    • ‘His government should convince all political parties that it is time to bell the cat to implement the one-child norm for one and all.’
    • ‘It has become more of a question of who is to bell the cat.’
    • ‘But the burning question is: who will bell the cat?’
    • ‘Warner is to be lauded for his courage to bell the cat, albeit at the eleventh hour, and close this unfortunate chapter in the country's footballing history, by replacing St Clair.’