Definition of bell metal in English:

bell metal


mass noun
  • An alloy of copper and tin for making bells, with a higher tin content than in bronze.

    • ‘There were strikingly beautiful items made of wrought iron and bell metal, terracotta, silk and wood craft.’
    • ‘With Christmas and New Year just round the corner, the accent is also on brass and bell metal lamps, in traditional and modern shapes.’
    • ‘We pushed open the 600 year-old great oak door, hard as bell metal with the patina of pilgrimage etched deep into its rough grain and stepped in.’
    • ‘Prominent items include bell metal and wrought iron figurines, statues, lamps and other artifacts depicting the traditional gods, goddesses and animal figurines.’
    • ‘Local artisans also produce brassware and items made from bell metal (an alloy of copper and tin).’