Definition of bell jar in English:

bell jar


  • 1A bell-shaped glass cover used in a laboratory, typically for enclosing samples.

    • ‘A kind of invisible bell jar had been dropped over it, protecting it from change.’
    • ‘He removed the mud, moistened it, placed it under a bell jar, and subsequently germinated no fewer than eighty-two seeds.’
    • ‘A one gramme weight is placed on the scale pan of an electronic balance and the balance is covered by a glass bell jar.’
    • ‘To prevent accidental extinguishing of the flame, a huge crystalline bell jar with an open top to accommodate escaping smoke was placed over the lantern.’
    • ‘He also used the pump to demonstrate that sound travels through the air: the sound of a watch in the bell jar grew fainter as the air was pumped out.’
    • ‘Originally, cloches were constructed out of glass bell jars and were used to protect individual plants.’
    • ‘I think there's a great deal of misunderstanding about what emptiness is, the idea that emptiness is something that happens under a bell jar when you exhaust all the air from it.’
    • ‘In the white void opposite, he has placed a glass bell jar containing an auction hammer.’
    • ‘The telescope structure accommodates installation of a 9-m vacuum bell jar for aluminizing the primary mirrors in situ on the telescope.’
    • ‘Unusual foliage such as ornamental cabbages can make a bold statement, especially if highlighted by accessories such as solar bell jars.’
    1. 1.1 An environment in which someone is protected or cut off from the outside world.
      ‘let him stay in his bell jar of perfectionist concentration’
      • ‘Everything seems safely enclosed in a bell jar of the most delicate glass… But inside me there is no peace.’
      • ‘To the person in the bell jar… the world itself is a bad dream.’
      • ‘Its title, the bell jar, is a metaphorical explanation for what her insanity felt like.’
      • ‘There's me, pleading with my friends to let go of the emotions making them ill and here I am in my own bell jar, not for the attention but for the quiet, you see.’
      • ‘Unlike Verdun, which the French quickly covered with a bell jar of remembrance, the Somme was pretty much rebuilt, monumented, or plowed under.’


bell jar