Definition of bell heather in English:

bell heather


  • A common European heather with relatively large purplish-red flowers.

    Erica cinerea, family Ericaceae

    • ‘The podsolic and marshy land contains few nutrients and so only hardy plants such as the common heathers, bell heathers and also reindeer moss can survive while wild grasses grow on the upper slopes.’
    • ‘The vegetation is dominated by heather Calluna vulgaris and bell heather Erica cinerea, with some areas of acidic dune grassland and other areas dominated by mosses and an abundance of lichens.’
    • ‘The leaves of bell heather are rolled and arranged in groups of threes along its stems.’
    • ‘Crossed-leaved heath is a close relation of bell heather but is only found in the wetter areas of a heath.’
    • ‘As I gently climbed, the moors were lovely, the occasional colour of flowering bell heather, the promise next month of glorious purple.’