Definition of bell glass in English:

bell glass


  • A bell-shaped glass cover used, especially formerly, as a cloche.

    • ‘In the reception rooms of famous physicians bronze clocks usually stand under such bell glasses.’
    • ‘At Haslemere the vivarium consists of an open shed, with stands for the accommodation of wild flowers, mosses, & c., and glass cases and bell glasses for other exhibits.’
    • ‘Colonial gardeners also used cloches, or bell glasses, to nurture fragile seedlings and extend the growing season.’
    • ‘Under this bell glass a fern spontaneously appeared, flourished, and eventually proved to be Doodia aspera.’
    • ‘Certain flower containers are not allowed on graves because they can cause a safety hazard to workers and visitors - examples include bell glasses, pot jars, tins and bottles.’


bell glass