Definition of bell crank in English:

bell crank

(also bell-crank lever)


  • A lever with two arms which have a common fulcrum at their junction.

    • ‘The new bell cranks are greased and sealed for life, then guaranteed for thousands upon thousands of miles.’
    • ‘The rivets on two of the three bell cranks in the right elevator were sheared in a direction that would force the elevator down.’
    • ‘What I think you are being asked is to plot the effect of wheel movement on the spring via a bell crank.’
    • ‘The sailor who was carrying out the maintenance on the aircraft found that there was a bit too much lateral movement in the bell crank, and he alerted his superior officer to the problem.’
    • ‘The bell pull and bell crank are attached to each other by a small length of chain in both cases.’
    • ‘There is also a concern that frequent removal and replacement of the yaw bell crank might introduce secondary failures.’
    • ‘Used to lift and push bell cranks and lazy pawls on many different cars.’
    • ‘If your bell cranks are reversed, left stick will apply right roll, and vice-versa.’
    • ‘The flight control system is the ‘rigid linkage’ type with ball, bell-crank levers and rod connecting joints.’
    • ‘The cam actuated a bell-crank lever that was linked to a threaded rod that passed along the back of the machine.’
    • ‘The bell crank has to move over to the other end of the valve gear cross-shaft as a result of all this.’
    • ‘The air pump and feed pump are operated through connections from the bell-crank levers.’
    • ‘I crawled under it yesterday and tightened the bell cranks and we will have to see if that helps.’
    • ‘You need to remove the bell crank from its brackets.’
    • ‘As the bell cranks rotate clockwise, the deck raises evenly.’
    • ‘The main advantage is to maintain the area exterior to the bell cranks as unobstructed as possible.’
    • ‘For simplicity of mounting in the lathe check the two parts of the bell crank should be separated.’
    • ‘These pieces can be attached to any transmission bell crank for a quick and easy repair.’