Definition of believe in in English:

believe in

phrasal verb

  • 1Have faith in the truth or existence of.

    ‘those who believe in God’
    • ‘I'd almost stopped believing in its existence.’
    • ‘You don't have to believe in God or any religion, just accept that this is how it is.’
    • ‘The idea is to make the association evolve as a meeting place of those who have come from all parts of the country, speaking different languages and believing in different faiths and political ideologies.’
    • ‘We have to look at our faith, whatever faith we believe in, and ask ourselves what would our God do.’
    • ‘They sincerely believe in the existence of a global conspiracy against Russia.’
    • ‘I've never met a living soul who really believes in salvation by faith alone.’
    • ‘One said, had to say, that one believed in the existence, and if one did not believe, this was regarded as something bad.’
    • ‘Kate didn't believe in god, but her opinions towards the infrastructure of the World were astonishing.’
    • ‘If no one believed in its existence, no one would come looking for it.’
    • ‘He truly believed in the fundamental truth of every religion.’
    • ‘Rural dwellers have traditionally believed in the existence of a variety of supernatural beings.’
    • ‘Most battle leaders believed in the existence of the demons, but it was a difficult thing to prove.’
    • ‘Because of their political conditioning, many people would rather not see the truth, but continue believing in the innocence of their favorite politicians.’
    • ‘But then they, unlike myself also believe in the existence of God, and in Life Everlasting.’
    • ‘I had seen it with my own eyes; but I refused to believe in the existence of ghosts.’
    • ‘And what is gifted to us is love - the faith to believe in God and the grace to begin again.’
    • ‘It's more that he was right for the right reasons, and because he believed in the possibility of truth and in the importance of the individual.’
    • ‘And that, in my opinion, is about as intellectually respectable as believing in the Tooth Fairy.’
    • ‘I also have trouble sometimes believing in faith where there is no reality.’
    • ‘It seems to me to require a lot of faith to believe in evolution.’
    be convinced of the existence of, be sure of the existence of, be persuaded of the existence of, believe in the existence of
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  • 2Be of the opinion that (something) is right or acceptable.

    ‘I don't believe in censorship of the arts’
    • ‘We believe in the importance of public opinion and its effects, and learn from our experiences.’
    • ‘Sri Lanka, being a nation with a fairly long record of independence, have always believed in the freedom of opinion in many fields.’
    • ‘Perhaps the idea that young people don't believe in God is not as scary as the idea that they may stop believing in the power of doing good, and of accepting and supporting one another.’
    • ‘He believed in dialogue among different faiths for the preservation of peace on earth.’
    • ‘They may exercise voice because they believe in the value of their opinion, instead of believing in the value of having the person with the proper rank hear their opinion.’
    • ‘He believed in demonstrating his faith by standing up to the Nazi regime.’
    • ‘You accept it because you believe in free speech and open debate.’
    • ‘The Roman Catholic faith believed in marriage for life. It did not recognise, let alone support, divorce.’
    • ‘So I believe in accepting your choices in life and facing up to them.’
    • ‘It believes in telling the truth about drugs, even if it means admitting that there can be pleasure using them.’
  • 3Have confidence in (a person or a course of action)

    ‘he had finally begun to believe in her’
    • ‘We seem to have found the cure, now it's just a question of going onto the course and believing in it.’
    • ‘He has to keep his confidence up and keep believing in himself, or he will hurt the entire team.’
    • ‘If flirting doesn't come naturally to you, you can learn to flirt by building your confidence, believing in yourself and interacting with other people.’
    • ‘If I can major in math after failing geometry twice, you can pass one science course, I believe in you.’
    • ‘I should've had a little faith in him, believed in him that he'd be my friend and NOT freak out.’
    • ‘Confidence is believing in yourself to do what has to be done.’
    • ‘It's about forming young people and giving them the confidence to believe in themselves.’
    • ‘She's given me the confidence to believe in myself, and that anything's possible if you try.’
    • ‘Yet I find it hard to accept that no one believes in the film.’
    • ‘He had us watched on a number of occasions so we can feel confident that he believes in our ability and that we can fit into their game style.’
    have faith in, pin one's faith on, trust in, have every confidence in, cling to, set store by, value, swear by, be convinced by, be persuaded by
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