Definition of belief system in English:

belief system


  • A set of principles or tenets which together form the basis of a religion, philosophy, or moral code.

    ‘the ancient Greek belief system’
    • ‘The city is made up of multicultural entities with varying and sometimes complex spiritual belief systems.’
    • ‘The director lays down his motion picture belief system, his own directorial dogma about what film should and could be.’
    • ‘The belief system is paying off: The co-op has averaged an annual growth rate of more than 50 percent since 1995.’
    • ‘Many tourists who visit Chartres cathedral have little knowledge of or respect for the medieval belief system that gave it aesthetic unity.’
    • ‘The creation of belief systems provided answers to questions of existence and reinforced a crucial sense of security in hostile physical and social environments.’
    • ‘They follow their own religious belief system, which disallows intermarriage and demands a strict code of morality.’
    • ‘Even those who choose not to embrace organized religion do have rich spiritual lives and very specific belief systems.’
    • ‘Their basic belief system is built on censorship, repression, and keeping people ignorant.’
    • ‘There are many belief systems that emphasize and affirm the agency of the individual over the group.’
    • ‘The film's resolution doesn't necessarily endorse a conviction in a specific belief system, but, rather, belief in general.’