Definition of Belgium sausage in English:

Belgium sausage


NZ, Australian
  • A thick, unspiced sausage usually sold sliced and eaten cold.

    ‘it was the largest-sized Belgium sausage’
    ‘this doesn't taste anything like Belgium sausage’
    • ‘Belgium sausage is a sausage meat used as a filling in children's lunchtime sandwiches.’
    • ‘I'm not in favour of recording excerpts from Shakespeare—I'm certain that ending would be recorded: "As sure as his internal organs are made of Belgium sausage."’
    • ‘We had a German sausage for lunch, but on the menu it was Belgium sausage, and the minute the commander saw it he said, “What! More German spies?”’
    • ‘Cut Belgium sausage into thin slices and insert a small coloured onion in centre of each slice and roll up.’
    • ‘Growing up in New Zealand, I only ever knew this as a Belgium sausage.’
    • ‘A 1934 price list includes Belgium sausages at 7d per pound.’
    • ‘There was first the Belgium sausage sandwich on my plate, with its pink edge peeping like a cat's tongue from the uncut side.’
    • ‘Belgium sausage is a specific type of luncheon sausage, also found in Canterbury.’
    • ‘Where can I find Belgium sausage in Los Angeles?’
    • ‘My relatives in the South Island used to call it Belgium sausage—a savoury delight for hard-working families.’


Early 20th century: the term became a popular replacement for German sausage as a reaction to the German invasion of Belgium in 1914.