Definition of Belgian hare in English:

Belgian hare


  • A rabbit of a dark red long-eared domestic breed.

    • ‘Belgian Hares should be housed in solid-bottom rather than wire-bottom cages.’
    • ‘I like to watch the Belgian hares eating their trifolium or pea-pods or grass; graceful, gentle things they are, crowding about Mr. Heaven, and standing prettily, not greedily, on their hind legs, to reach for the clover, their delicate nostrils and whiskers all quivering with excitement.’
    • ‘In addition to photography, Svenson was a beekeeper, gardener and raised Belgian hares.’
    • ‘At one time the Belgian hare was the most popular fancy rabbit, it was responsible for bringing the domestic rabbit to the notice of thousands of people in the UK and the US.’
    • ‘Breeders of the Belgian Hare began to compete in small livestock shows and standards were first written in 1882.’