Definition of Belgian in English:



  • Relating to Belgium.

    • ‘Homemade chocolate brulée made with Belgian chocolate - well, who could resist?’
    • ‘It was set up in 1973 as a non-profit-making organization under Belgian law.’
    • ‘Their actions led to them being filmed by Belgian television crews.’
    • ‘He paused before a tray of Belgian chocolates, and examined them carefully.’
    • ‘He was a bit crude and matter-of-fact in his dialogue, though he did promise me a box of Belgian chocolates.’
    • ‘They also owned a van with British registration plates found by Belgian police at the scene.’
    • ‘The bureau is confident of attracting more Dutch, German and Belgian visitors.’
    • ‘Recent information suggests that the game is in fact of Belgian origin.’
    • ‘I've found Belgian guests like their own space and don't like questions.’
    • ‘I like Belgian chocolates but I'd soon get sick of eating them all day.’
    • ‘She found a historical film made in 1959 by Belgian missionaries and took it to Rwanda.’
    • ‘Hobeika said he was willing to testify in the lawsuit and met Belgian officials yesterday.’
    • ‘We believe the decision was highly influenced by Belgian politics.’
    • ‘The ship later came free with the rising tide and was anchored in Belgian waters for a damage inspection.’
    • ‘They broadcast a film on Belgian television last week from which the clip above was taken.’
    • ‘However, under Belgian law couples must take part in a civil ceremony prior to any church service.’
    • ‘There were, though, Belgian police officers on the majority of the steps between the supporters.’
    • ‘There's a good selection of Belgian beers.’
    • ‘Now the production team, which is mainly comprised of Belgian engineers, is offering to rent out demo models.’
    • ‘Once in 1961 after they were married, and twice years later during a period of Belgian marriage guidance.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Belgium, or a person of Belgian descent.

    • ‘And also she has scoured the world to see what successful countries like the Russians and the Belgians are doing.’
    • ‘After the Second World War many Belgians and Italians came to France to rebuild.’
    • ‘The only effect would be a lot more miserable Belgians.’
    • ‘But the Belgians refused to believe that he was serious about relinquishing their nationality.’
    • ‘Olivier explained that village carvers had made the sculptures in response to orders from Belgians.’
    • ‘The award is rarely received by foreign nationals and the pair are the first Belgians to be honoured in this way.’
    • ‘The Danes, Belgians and Italians are more relaxed still with their working weeks of fewer than 39 hours.’
    • ‘Last Tuesday, December 14th, the spotlight was on some Belgians who have come to work in Ireland.’
    • ‘As Belgians became emphatically European, their own national identity was increasingly under question.’
    • ‘Yet in a 1952 referendum the Belgians voted in favour of keeping the monarchy.’
    • ‘On the surface the discussions between the French and Belgians were cordial, but in reality each side was suspicious of the other.’
    • ‘The Belgians sponsored a compromise which attempted to address linguistic sensitivities.’
    • ‘The legal system is based on traditional tribal customs and the German and French models introduced by the Belgians.’
    • ‘The French and Spanish then came through and in an exciting finish the Belgians held off a comeback by the Irish to take the bronze.’
    • ‘What this says about the Belgians relative to the Dutch, I don't know.’
    • ‘Tomorrow play begins at 9:30 as the Belgians have to catch a flight home.’
    • ‘Suddenly the Belgians are exciting and confident and the nation is daring to hope once more.’
    • ‘They reported that the fatalities also include three Danes, two Swedes, two Belgians and one French.’
    • ‘Both of the Belgians are on the comeback trail having spent last year struggling with injury or illness.’
    • ‘Russians and Belgians had their shops smashed if they were in the way of the mob or went unrecognized as allies.’