Definition of Belgae in English:


plural noun

  • An ancient Celtic people inhabiting Gaul north of the Seine and Marne Rivers.

    • ‘Belgium derives its name from a Celtic tribe, the Belgae, whom Caesar described as the most courageous tribe of Gaul.’
    • ‘At the time of the Roman occupation, the region was inhabited by the Regni in the south-east, the Belgae towards the south-west, and the Atrebates in the north.’
    • ‘Caesar records that the Belgae raided maritime areas of Britain and that some eventually settled there.’
    • ‘Caesar observed that the Belgae from northern Gaul (hence Belgium) had first commenced raiding and then settling in ‘the maritime part’ of Britain from before his time.’
    • ‘In 58 BC, the Roman leader Julius Caesar called the region's Belgae tribes the toughest opponents he had faced.’
    • ‘And according to ancient manuscripts, it was also the burial ground of the Belgae tribe,’ he explains.’


From Latin.