Definition of belaying pin in English:

belaying pin


  • A fixed pin used on board ship and in rock climbing to secure a rope which is fastened around it.

    • ‘The pinrail has a row of little holes punched through it for the belaying pins to sit in.’
    • ‘Even though the Frontenac was a steamer - not a sailship, it still had uses for a belaying pin to secure ropes.’
    • ‘There was nothing in the kit or instructions that told you how or where to belay all the lines and no belaying pins provided.’
    • ‘As only one size of belaying pin was kept on board, its diameter was that of the thickest rope to be belayed.’
    • ‘A simple belaying pin, does not need a hole, and so are even easier to make.’
    • ‘The belaying pins are tropical hardwood.’
    • ‘In all cases, the line is passed under the arm of the cleat or around the belaying pin.’
    • ‘In the olden days, belaying pins were made of hardwood, usually locust, and sometimes bronze, iron, or brass.’
    • ‘In deciding what size belaying pins to use on your model there are some general rules to follow.’
    • ‘This means that if a line needed to be released in a hurry, the belaying pin can be lifted out and removed, releasing the line.’
    • ‘In FIG.2, the line is shown as loosely wound around the belaying pins for purposes of illustration.’