Definition of bejewelled in English:


(US bejeweled)


  • Adorned with jewels.

    ‘a wave of his bejewelled hand’
    • ‘The bejewelled visitor to the Metropolitan Opera, facing a bank of paparazzi at the entrance.’
    • ‘The boots were shiny, textured, bejewelled, anything as long as they weren't boring.’
    • ‘She was dressed in pale pink silk, her gown gently caressing the floor and her head adorned with a dainty, bejewelled crown.’
    • ‘Lipstick had stroked a thin line across her lips, while delicately manicured and bejewelled fingers beat out an impatient rhythm on the menu cover.’
    • ‘It was the early seventies and there were a lot of black and white photos of models in bejeweled sweaters and knits infused with shimmery threads.’
    • ‘I'm heading back to Cornwall tomorrow, where I shall recline in a bejewelled chaise-longue in one of the many glittering salons and wow the courtiers with tales of the mysterious ways of the natives here in London Village.’
    • ‘The paraphernalia of security in Britain - the funny hats, silk stockings and bejewelled swords - are ancient symbols of open government.’
    • ‘As for the vital stats of the bauble, it is bejewelled with 8,000 diamonds weighing 200 karats, set in over a kilo of 18-karat pink gold.’
    • ‘The interviews were with nearly two dozen Saudis, from a bejeweled prince of the royal court, sipping coffee at a cafe, to a truck driver wearing a frayed caftan, clutching a bag of onions at a local supermarket.’
    • ‘The ornate sets include 30 ft bejeweled elephants, a unique red stage and three miles of gold tiling.’
    • ‘Ms Ward said she had to splash out on an outfit from Harvey Nichols and a bejewelled handbag by Dolce and Gabanna.’
    • ‘They always gives the Best Actress nominees bejeweled accessories.’
    • ‘There are Europeans in their dinner jackets, their women beautifully begowned and bejeweled.’
    • ‘A small bejewelled crucifix is found in a pond, and it passes from hand to hand, sometimes being sold, sometimes being given away.’
    • ‘And cats tend to hiss and dig their claws into me, rather than rest beneath my bejewelled stroking fingers.’
    • ‘It's all about defending the shiny bejeweled palace on the hill and guarding the precious pearls and birthstones hidden within.’
    • ‘If I squint I can just make out a bejewelled monk on a throne.’
    • ‘This summer's crinkled, patterned and bejewelled gypsy skirts trigger something powerful in anyone who was young in the Sixties and early Seventies.’
    dotted, scattered, spotted, sprinkled, covered, flecked, peppered, spangled
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