Definition of beholder in English:



literary, archaic
  • A person who sees or observes someone or something.

    ‘the building and landscape can elicit imaginative responses from the beholder’
    • ‘The dance is structured to both imply and guide the beholder as a critical individual.’
    • ‘A monument's beholders might never inform themselves about its history.’
    • ‘The second woman turns outward to the beholder to elicit our negative opinion of this misbehavior.’
    • ‘The beholder, then, is invited to laugh with Death at the people.’
    • ‘Quality, in any case, is in the eye of the beholder.’
    • ‘The meaning will vary accordingly to the beholders' perceptions.’
    • ‘Ghirlandaio uses the gesture to address the beholder at the beginning of both triads of heroes.’
    • ‘Such images, the writer thought, could encourage beholders to accomplish noble deeds.’
    • ‘A cycle of mixed emotions runs through the beholder.’
    • ‘His achievement is not in his emotional impact on the beholder.’