Definition of behind the counter in English:

behind the counter


  • Serving in a shop or bank.

    ‘he drove to the store and flirted with two sisters behind the counter’
    • ‘A small, thin woman with a lined faced and dyed brown hair, also about sixty, stays behind the counter.’
    • ‘Imagine our surprise then when we detected a strong Tralee accent behind the counter.’
    • ‘I told my friend Catherine behind the counter that I wanted to browse the magazines.’
    • ‘You could wave a wad of twenties at the girls behind the counter but it would do no good for they have no facility to take cash.’
    • ‘The people behind the counter told us the shop had been there for one month.’
    • ‘He was such a regular of the Flavas fried chicken shop that he greeted the confused man behind the counter like an old friend.’
    • ‘Marian has seen huge changes in the post office in her years behind the counter.’
    • ‘We left the gallery and told the guy behind the counter how much we liked it and asked, are you the artist?’
    • ‘As a child and teenager, she says, she spent a good deal of time behind the counter of Wilfrid's pharmacy.’
    • ‘There were a couple of customers, and only one person[bloke] behind the counter, and the phone was ringing off the hook.’
    • ‘The screaming could be heard for miles, as could my laughter, and the laughter of the guys behind the counter.’
    • ‘When not at the wheel of a racing car, Westley Barber is often found behind the counter of a fish and chip shop.’
    • ‘There were 2 women stood chatting to each other behind the counter as I approached to pay.’
    • ‘The girl behind the counter in the shop was shutting up for the long afternoon lull.’
    • ‘He thought nothing of the long hours behind the counter simply because he knew he was doing it for them.’
    • ‘They have witnessed many changes in the grocery trade during their time behind the counter.’
    • ‘In Horns the Baker, Rose Mulhulland, who works behind the counter, said she did not believe it was a good idea.’
    • ‘They have two men working behind the counter; no matter what day of the week or time of day I go in, always the same two men.’
    • ‘Frustration is written all over the face of the man behind the counter.’
    • ‘Unlike Western fast food joints, there just one spotty teen behind the counter.’
    • ‘[Three,] A friend of the folks in the flat below who works behind the counter at a clothing store.’