Definition of behind someone's back in English:

behind someone's back


  • Without a person's knowledge and in an unfair way.

    ‘Carla made fun of him behind his back’
    • ‘In Wales they all speak behind your back in their mother tongue and you don't know what they're saying.’
    • ‘Find out what people are saying about you behind your back.’
    • ‘Who is more critical of you and more likely to pass comments on how you look/what you wear and gossip behind your back?’
    • ‘Someone close to you has done something behind your back, knowing that it would hurt you deeply if you found out.’
    • ‘But what's worse than people speaking rudely to your face is doing so behind your back, especially when it's not true.’
    • ‘Friends and family will comment on the difference immediately - if only behind your back.’
    • ‘Your friends are smoking behind your back and not telling you.’
    • ‘We're having a secret rendezvous behind Droven 's back.’
    • ‘She didn't go skulking around behind your back.’
    • ‘How can you trust them with the children in your charge when they are breaking rules and laws behind your back.’
    • ‘Your friend is being honest with you, which is a good thing: it would be worse for her to go behind your back and flirt with him.’
    • ‘It can help when you need to brag or blow off steam or tell a secret or even talk behind someone's back.’
    • ‘We're telling jokes about you behind your back.’
    • ‘Do you often feel that many people are talking about you behind your back?’
    • ‘They may agree that everyone's doing it nowadays, but they're still laughing behind your back.’
    • ‘There is one thing about people talking about you behind your back; it is quite another thing being humiliated in a newsletter.’
    • ‘But while your friends snigger behind your back, all you worry about - initially, at any rate - is sleep and how to get some.’
    • ‘In fact he had done many a vile thing behind her back without her knowledge.’
    • ‘It's all very well to dress to please yourself, but you wouldn't want to hear what they say about you behind your back when you do.’
    • ‘He was wearing green silk pajamas that we all secretly teased him for behind his back.’
    secretly, without someone's knowledge, on the sly, deceitfully, slyly, sneakily, covertly, surreptitiously, furtively
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