Definition of behind post in English:

behind post


Australian Rules Football
  • Each of the shorter posts that flank the main goalposts.

    ‘they had peppered three consecutive points through the behind posts’
    • ‘They won in swirling winds that made the behind posts a popular destination for kicks.’
    • ‘His free kick towards a behind post was strenuously headed low into a distant dilemma by an unmarked Pepe.’
    • ‘The best of his goals was a banana kick from near the behind post in front of the club building.’
    • ‘It spun onto his left and bounced through the goal from next to the behind post.’
    • ‘His shot hits the behind post and is out of bounds on the full.’
    • ‘He hit the behind post with his simple set shot after the quarter-time siren.’
    • ‘The turn is crossed from a left and finds an approach to a behind post to Alioui, who scuffs his shot.’
    • ‘Messi twisted in a excellent giveaway flog toward a behind post, where an unmarked Alexis headed in to make it 1-1.’
    • ‘Lowton's churned cranky from a right finds it proceed to a behind post where a striker ends his 12-match idea drought to conduct into a bottom corner.’
    • ‘He snagged a ball that looked for all money to have crossed the line between the goal and behind posts, only to be awarded a mark and kick the goal.’