Definition of begob in English:



  • Expressing amazement or emphasis.

    • ‘So begob, I started off and the man started after me, and just when I came behind our own house there is an old forge.’
    • ‘Here the torch is out, signifying that it's now evening - a bit cock-eyed that, as you usually light lamps as it gets darker. ‘Tis Ireland begob!’
    • ‘Aye, begob and begorrah - this smacks of blatant racism!’
    • ‘So begob I washed my hands and put it together as well as I could.’
    • ‘If you don't believe the Little Green Peril is real, well, then, may the road rise to meet you as you fall on it headfirst and bloody your great horrible snout, begob.’


Late 19th century: alteration of by God!; compare with begad.