Definition of beginner in English:



  • A person just starting to learn a skill or take part in an activity.

    ‘a beginner's guide’
    ‘language courses for beginners’
    ‘an absolute beginner’
    • ‘These classes will cater for all categories, from beginners to advanced students.’
    • ‘This year we would particularly hope to send reading books and workbooks for beginners.’
    • ‘The beginner first learns a sequence of movements called the seven coordinations.’
    • ‘Our tutors specialise in teaching beginners in a very relaxed homely atmosphere.’
    • ‘The course is intended for beginners and there are no formal entry requirements.’
    • ‘We tried out a few steps and it was immediately obvious that our new pupils were complete beginners.’
    • ‘All traditional instruments will be taught both for beginners and advanced students.’
    • ‘This course is for beginners or people who want to refresh their computer skills.’
    • ‘This event will draw runners from all over the country but there will also be courses for beginners.’
    • ‘The society is particularly is catering for beginners who want to learn the game and have a bit of fun at the same time.’
    • ‘The boat is wider than a racing craft and consequently is safer for beginners.’
    • ‘Recently I gave up a couple of days fishing and acted as a guide to two beginners.’
    • ‘If you have been gardening all of your life or if you are just a beginner, there is much to be learned by becoming a member of the club.’
    • ‘This class is designed for the absolute beginner and no previous knowledge is necessary.’
    • ‘For beginners, start with the three weeks and adapt it to your needs.’
    • ‘Training on the course begins with the basics and complete beginners are catered for.’
    • ‘Make sure the staff are well qualified and sympathetic towards beginners and newcomers.’
    • ‘You are never too young or old to learn and the skills you need to learn as a beginner are the same no matter what your reason for taking lessons.’
    • ‘But they are, says Gina, great places for beginners to start to learn about plants.’
    • ‘Today it is still widely used on the campus by keen climbers and beginners who want to learn the basics.’
    novice, starter, learner, student, pupil, trainee, apprentice, probationer
    recruit, raw recruit, newcomer, new boy, new girl, tyro, fledgling, neophyte, initiate, fresher, freshman, cub
    postulant, novitiate
    rookie, newie, newbie, newb
    greenhorn, probie, punk
    new chum
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