Definition of begging letter in English:

begging letter


  • A letter asking for a gift or a charitable donation.

    ‘he was being dunned for the rent and reduced to writing begging letters’
    • ‘We get hundreds of begging letters and hear some terribly tragic stories, but I tend not to respond because there is such a volume and you just can't check them out.’
    • ‘Mark agrees: ‘Find someone whose work you like and pester them with 40 begging letters asking to assist them.’’
    • ‘They have an absolute horror of begging letters, they think that if they give once, they will be expected to carry on giving.’
    • ‘Every day I receive somewhere between five and fifteen begging letters from people asking me to do them favours.’
    • ‘Secrecy surrounds the rich as they fear begging letters, appeals and possible scrutiny from the tax man, even though they pay taxes, but a number of local business people have speculated on the city's top 10 or so really, really rich folk.’
    • ‘It's no good people writing Peter begging letters because he does not control the money.’
    • ‘While the average big jackpot lottery winner receives 10,000 begging letters, Dolores is expected to receive multiples of that.’
    • ‘It's basically, a begging letter for money, with little factsheets you can download for each borough you can use to lobby your MP with.’
    • ‘It sent out begging letters imploring people to send cheques to a freepost address.’
    • ‘Or if you are feeling energetic send a begging letter or CV to companies you are interested in asking for a short period of time making cups of tea.’
    • ‘Inside, is a begging letter asking for a donation - as if just because I've only got one foot you're supposed to feel sympathy or something.’
    • ‘Which is why at least 50 of our top companies will be receiving begging letters from me.’
    • ‘I got a begging letter through the post from a charity the other day.’