Definition of beggarman in English:



  • A man, typically a homeless one, who lives by asking for money or food.

    • ‘Popular legend would have it that the cause of the plague was traced to an old beggar man, who was buried under a heap of stones by the infuriated populace.’
    • ‘Now it fared the same way as before, the beggarman came with the same story and begged for the cow for Peter's sake, but Bard gave him the cow.’
    • ‘The programme relied almost exclusively on picturesque images from the long-gone era of horse-drawn wagons, roadside tinsmithery and jolly beggarmen singing for their supper.’
    • ‘One particularly chilling character is the little beggar man.’
    • ‘A beggar man one day called at the Dun and Brigid, being unable to find anything of value to give him, parted with her father's sword and sent him on his way.’
    • ‘He met a beggar man on the road outside his house.’
    • ‘The beggar man on the other hand was setting out, going from house to house gathering bottles.’
    • ‘He would ask the beggar man to stay and work and he would pay him two shillings to pick the potatoes, so he made his offer.’
    tramp, beggarwoman, vagrant, vagabond, down-and-out, homeless person, derelict, mendicant
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