Definition of begemmed in English:



  • Set or studded with gems.

    ‘a begemmed cross’
    • ‘Lord Iangelos Martel looked quite comfortable sprawling onto one of the fine old leather couches, his begemmed fingers beating a tattoo against the end table.’
    • ‘Then, the diamond was fitted into the hat of the king, put inside a golden frame along with other jewels such as the golden emblems of a lion and a sun as well as a begemmed crown decorated with 475 pieces of small diamonds as four pieces of ruby.’
    • ‘For Wulf's sharp eyes had spotted a golden sword on the chief's belt and a begemmed ring on the smallest of the wife's horny fingers.’
    • ‘If a man be found willing to rear, in Our name, an edifice of pure gold or silver, or a house begemmed with stones of inestimable value, such a wish will no doubt be granted.’
    • ‘The text says the sadhaka should meditate in the heart on a jewelled island in the centre of a nectar ocean, which is covered in Parijata trees, and in the centre of which is a begemmed temple.’
    • ‘Massive chandeliers, crystal prisms, begemmed chairs and tables, a carpet rich in designs, long wavy tulle curtains, tree boughs learning against the window as if whispering the wind's song into the Hall's ears are all reflected in the pieces of mirror, small and large, on the walls and ceiling.’
    • ‘Let him, with hands begemmed and red, adorned with fingers, pat thy back while thou art seated.’
    • ‘You don't need to spring for an overpriced, begemmed, yuppie jewelry pen either.’