Definition of beg off in English:

beg off

phrasal verb

  • Withdraw from an undertaking:

    ‘I'd planned to take Christy to dinner, but I was in a mood, and I begged off’
    • ‘His first term as mayor began in 1352, he was re-elected the following year, and then for an unprecedented third consecutive term - on that occasion he begged off, but again served in 1359/60 and 1366 / 67.’
    • ‘With no evidence of any of these matters, I had to beg off.’
    • ‘That being the case I'm betting I can legitimately beg off spending Christmas with anyone and stick to my original plan of cleaning the kitchen, watching some dvd's and going online - after a very long lie in.’
    • ‘I finally begged off on some excuse and put down the controller.’
    • ‘But if you're going to use the ‘it's not my specialty’ excuse to beg off answering one question, why doesn't that stop you from making claims in all those other non-specialties?’
    • ‘She has even had to beg off a meeting in Asia to make the round trip.’